Funds cut for eLoran, HIGPS, GPS OCX

If you have been following this BLOG, on November 18 an entry was made warning of the possible degradation of the current GPS system. Satellites are getting old, replacements are slow to be developed and many upgrade projects have gone over budget. Recently, (October 28, 2009) the President signed bills for the departments of defense (DoD) and homeland security (DHS) that cut significant programs — eLoran, HIGPS, OCX — connected with the Global Positioning System.

How does that affect you? The LORAN-C system is due to be shut down and dismantled beginning January 4, 2010. This may mark the end of efforts to modernize and develop the current LORAN-C system into the enhanced loran system (eLoran) which would give GPS users a ground-based recourse in case of difficulties with the space-based system.

If the Commandant of the Coast Guard certifies that the termination of the LORAN-C signal will not adversely impact the safety of maritime navigation and the DHS secretary certifies that the LORAN-C system infrastructure is not needed as a backup to GPS or to meet any other Federal navigation requirement, LORAN-C is dead.

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