EPA controls Gasoline Boats and Personal Watercraft

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized a new emission control program to reduce hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide emissions from marine spark-ignition engines. The new exhaust emissions standards will take effect in the 2010 model year. The final rule also includes new standards to reduce evaporative emissions from these fuel systems. These standards will reduce the harmful health effects of ozone and carbon monoxide from these engines.

The estimated annualized cost of the new exhaust and evaporative emissions standards is $391 million, assuming a seven percent discount rate over 30 years.  The corresponding annualized fuel savings due to more efficient controls is $155 million.  As a result, the net annualized cost of the program is $236 million.

The results of the economic impact modeling performed for the Small SI and Marine SI engines and equipment control programs suggest that the social costs of those programs are expected to be about $459 million in 2030 with consumers of these products expected to bear about 86 percent of these costs. It is estimated that fuel savings of about $273 million will accrue to consumers by 2030.

For more information including a fact sheet go to: http://epa.gov/otaq/marinesi.htm


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