Law and Order, Florida Wildlife Commission

If you are the kind of person who, for what ever reason, likes to read the “Police Beat” in the local paper you might enjoy this report from the Florida Wildlife Commission.

Violations range from:

  • oversize fish, specifically red drum
  • undersize spotted sea bass
  • illegally harvested stone crabs
  • undersized blue crabs
  • operating under the influence
  • possession of marijuana
  • fishing without a license
  • and many more violations

The following excerpt is one of the most interesting:

Officers were conducting land based fisheries inspections at the Bayou Texar boat ramp when they encountered a male and female subject fishing from shore.  Upon request, neither subject could produce a fishing license.  A computer check revealed an outstanding Georgia warrant for burglary on the female subject.  A further computer check revealed the vehicle the couple was driving was reported stolen two weeks earlier out of Mississippi.  Officers arrested the male subject for possession of stolen property and the female subject for the burglary warrant and transported them to the Escambia County Jail.  In addition, both subjects were issued citations for failure to possess non-resident fishing licenses.

Apparently even criminals enjoy fishing and hunting. So don’t forget to be aware when you are enjoying a day of fishing or hunting. If you see something that seems out-of-order, contact the nearest marine police.

For the entire December 9th report go to:


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