The Most Boats Win…and So Can You

This past weekend it was Army-Navy game time in Philadelphia. Could it be that Navy won because they brought the most boats?  Philadelphians and out of town visitors got to get up close and personal with 5, yes I said 5, Navy 108 ft YP class boats.  The YP Craft provide realistic, at sea training in navigation and seamanship for midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy and officer candidates at Officer Candidate School. YP craft can cruise for up to 1400 nautical miles at 12 knots speed, for a period of five days without refueling or replenishing.

The Army only brought one vessel, the MG Robert Smalls, a 2-year-old, 314 foot long Logistics Support Vessel. The vessel’s namesake ROBERT SMALLS is the first U.S. Army Reserve vessel named for an African-American.  Robert Smalls was born in 1839 on a plantation on Ladies Island, S.C.

Public tours were provided to all the Navy vessels  and the Army vessel before the game.

For a chance to win a Nautical Know How “BoatSafe” tee-shirt, answer the following question.

What does the YP in the YP class Navy vessels stand for?



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3 responses to “The Most Boats Win…and So Can You

  1. Gavin STEWART

    Answer being “Y Yard & “P Patrol .
    Involved in the use of Training cadets the art of
    good seamanship /navigation etc

    Gavin STEWART
    10 Barbara court

  2. Tom

    Yard Patrol I got to see lots of them lined up at the old navy base across the Severn from Annapolis.

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