Test Your Own Nautical Know How

Gazela under sail

The barkentine, Gazela, was built in the shipyard of J. M. Mendes in Setubal, Portugal. Her records, as she now stands, date from 1901 but there is good evidence that many of the timbers used in her construction are from the ship Gazella (spelled with two Ls) which was built in 1883. Portugese stone pine is the primary wood used in her hull and decks while the masts and spars are of Douglas fir.

What are those furry, caterpillar looking things attached to the rigging called?

For more information on the Gazella and the Jupiter tugboat, both of which belong to the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild, visit their website. (No, you won’t find the answer there.) http://gazela.org/index.htm



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2 responses to “Test Your Own Nautical Know How

  1. Frank Mattocks

    The caterpiller type things are anti-chaffing gear
    they are there to prevent the sails being damaged by the ropes.

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