More on Maritime Pilots

If you found the article “What is a Maritime Pilot?” interesting, here is another article on bar pilots in San Francisco.

“Being on the Jacob’s ladder, hanging off the side of a moving, 900-foot-long container ship. … Well, let’s say that it still gets my heart pumping after 23 years,” said Miller, a member of the San Francisco Bar Pilots Association.

Piloting a freighter or an oil tanker across San Francisco Bay isn’t easy. First, there are the shallow waters, strong currents and shifting shoals. Then there are the underwater wrecks, cables and other obstructions capable of peeling back a ship’s hull.

The maritime industry considers the bay one of the most challenging places to work, and piloting there is not for the faint of heart. It takes years of technical training followed by even more years as an apprentice.

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