Special Notice Regarding LORAN Closure

In accordance with the DHS Appropriations Act, the U.S. Coast Guard will terminate the transmission of all U.S. LORAN-C signals effective 2000 Zulu, 08 Feb 2010. At that time, the U.S. LORAN-C signal will be unusable and permanently discontinued. This termination does not affect U.S. participation in the Russian American or Canadian LORAN-C chains. U.S. participation in these chains will continue temporarily in accordance with international agreements. You may read more and download pertinent documents via the LORAN-C page.



Filed under Boat Operation, Navigation

2 responses to “Special Notice Regarding LORAN Closure

  1. Sorry to see Loran-C go by the wayside, I do however have alternatives, Furuno, Raymarine, Garmin, etc. all priced below retail @grandmonadnockstore.com

  2. Bill

    When the LORAN-C switch is turned off on Feb 8th 2010 around 3PM EST call your congressional representatives and tell them to TURN LORAN-C BACK ON IMMEDIATELY! This worked in Europe and will work here if the people pull together and stop politcal activist Adm. Thad Allen and the Obama administration!!!!

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