Lake Level Alert Notifications

TypepadI continue to be amazed by the amount of information that can be found on the Internet. A fairly new site,, is a lake level monitoring service that alerts you via email when water levels for your lake become too high or too low. is a FREE service for anyone to use.

After registering with (LLA), you will be able to create one or multiple low water and high water level alerts for your lake.

When LLA detects that the water level for your lake has either risen or fallen to the level you set for one of your alerts, LLA sends you a lake alert email that notifies you of the current lake level conditions and instructs you on what action to take.

LLA currently monitors lake levels for 84 U.S lakes in 18 States. If you do not see your lake listed, you can contact them and let them know. They will add your lake if at all possible.

You can create an unlimited number of alerts. Many users set a range of incremental alerts to warn them in advance at various times that they need to move their docks in or out,  a sort of “stair step” approach to their alerts in both directions.

The alert title is a brief and meaningful description of what the alert is warning you about. The alert title displays in the subject line of the email you receive for the alert. For example, if you create an alert that is designed to tell you when your dock is about to become grounded due to low water levels, you might create a title that reads Move the Dock Out! which clearly indicates to you what the alert email is about and what to do. A secondary benefit gained from the alert title is that you know the alert email is NOT spam by simple recognition of your unique title.

A watermark represents the water level that your lake can rise or fall to before an alert email is sent to you. Each alert that you create has its own watermarks. Always set your watermark control to levels that give you ample time to correct an issue before a problem occurs due to rising or falling lake levels. For instance, if your dock becomes grounded when the level for your lake is at 650 feet MSL, set your lake level watermark to warn you when the lake is at or below 652 feet. Doing so will give you a 2 foot water level buffer to get to the lake and move your dock out.

MSL stands for “Mean Sea Level” meaning the average sea level between high tide and low tide. MSL is used as a standard level (starting point) from which other levels around the world are measured. Lake levels are measured in this way. A report that a lake is at a level of 660 feet MSL means that the lake water surface level is 660 feet higher than sea level at a given moment in time.

For more information or to sign up for this FREE service go to:

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