FWC Promotes Boating Safety At Super Bowl Events

FWC law enforcement vessel

Florida Marine Patrol Boat

Be smart and safe outdoors. That’s the message the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will promote at 2010 South Florida Super Bowl celebrations.

FWC law enforcement officers will be on hand for two of the events: the Kids Fishing Classic which was held Jan. 30 and the Super Celebrity Fishing Classic Feb. 3. Officers will educate participants on boating safety basics, such as wearing a life jacket, maintaining proper lookout and developing a float plan.

“I encourage all participants, experienced or inexperienced boaters, to stop and chat with our officers. Everyone can use a refresher on boating safety. It’s a matter of personal responsibility,” said FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto, who is also chairman of the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee.

The Super Celebrity Fishing Classic will celebrate the lives of three athletes, tragically killed last year when their boat capsized in the Gulf of Mexico. The lone survivor of the accident will be on hand at the event. Proceeds from the event will go to the victims’ families’ charities of choice.

The Kids Fishing Classic was a day of fun for more than 150 inner-city kids. Some of them have never been on a boat, let alone fished.

“Kids learned how they can help conserve nature by catching and releasing fish,” Barreto said.

For more information on boating safety, visit http://myfwc.com/recreation/boat_index.htm.

For more information on the South Florida Super Bowl, visit http://www.southfloridasuperbowl.com/.


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