Real-time Fuel Prices Online

After 2 years of research, development, and beta testing, the dedicated Team and it’s investors are pleased to announce the first (and only) marine industry portal of it’s kind. Providing immediate access to the most accurate marina services information available on the Internet today, streamlines fuel transactions within the marine industry.

In service to all boaters and fuel providers, a FREE Basic Membership opens the Fuel Dock Prices™ & E-Marina™ database, putting comprehensive and centralized information at Member’s fingertips. The system also has advanced searching capabilities so that members can easily locate a merchant based on fuel brand, fuel treatment, facility amenity, and much more.

Using the Fuel Bid Desk™ to arrange purchase of 1000 gallons or more, Members can request, review, then select a preferred vendor to deliver wholesale priced fuel. The website is designed to generate up to 50% savings on every fuel purchase, and offers a variety of services to meet the diverse needs of the marine industry consumer.

William N. McKenna, President of, LLC stated: “By spring time, we anticipate the price of oil will be more than $90/barrel. This will push retail prices across the Nation to over $5.00/gallon for marine gasoline and marine diesel fuel. These prices are already showing up in the Bahamas and Caribbean, so to combat this economic trend, we’ve created a tool which easily produces the best ROI in the industry.”

Saving professionals and boating enthusiasts hundreds (or thousands) of dollars with free data access for boaters, and free advertising for marinas, is the industry’s newest, and best, online fuel finding resource.


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