Operation Paddle Smart: A sticker could save your life

Coast Guard Pacific Area is launching Operation Paddle Smart, and the campaign, distributed broadly and aimed at reaching small craft owners enjoying the waterways, begins simply with a free sticker.

The weather-proof sticker, self-applied to the small craft, is intended to return property, reduce the number of Coast Guard resources spent on unnecessary search and rescue cases, and foster voluntary small craft owner assistance.

“This is a win-win program for the boating public and the Coast Guard no matter where you are geographically,” said Coast Guard Capt. Charley Diaz, Pacific Area chief of staff. “It makes for a more effective response, and this program will save lives.”

Diaz said putting two correct phone numbers on the reflective sticker is the most important thing to remember when filling out the owner information.

“If someone’s out on the water and their kayak has turned over, their cell phone is now at the bottom of the ocean. We want the alternate number to call and verify if there’s an emergency, or to return the property to its owner,” he said. “It’s all about having the right information.”

Read more at Coast Guard News.


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