Absolutely NO Discharge in Maryland

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler has introduced legislation that would establish a “No Discharge Zone” for all Maryland waters. This means there would be no discharge of boat sewage, whether treated or untreated, from any vessels into Maryland waters. Currently, treated sewage from Type I and II Marine Sanitation Devices (like a LectraSan) can be discharged. It is already illegal in all U.S. waters to discharge untreated sewage from boat toilets (black water).

House Bill 1257 and Senate Bill 513, which are identical, would change Maryland law to prohibit the discharge of treated sewage from Type I and II MSDs in all boats and ships in Maryland.

Please note the following:

  1. This does not include grey water (sinks/showers). It covers black water from installed toilets.
  2. The proposed fine for a violation is $10,000 per occurrence for a violation, while the state’s fine for manslaughter is $500 or bribing a voter is $500.
  3. There is no grandfather clause for current owners of Type I or Type II MSDs.
  4. The bills would take effect June 1, 2010 (or after approval from the federal EPA).
  5. If passed, the Dept. of Natural Resources must proceed to authorize routine inspections of sewage equipment (in all boats) and periodic dye flush tests of your boat’s head(s).


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2 responses to “Absolutely NO Discharge in Maryland

  1. oldsalt1942

    I have had a real problem with supporting waste discharge by boats since forever. Rain run off from streets on a single day contributes more pollution than boats do in a year or two.

    Then again, if I flip a floater into the water every now and then, how does that compare to a SINGLE blue whale turd? In my lifetime I’m NEVER going to equal one of those.

  2. sdowney

    They dont care what we think.
    They just do what they want to do.
    There are not enough boats out there in open water that would affect water quality, it is polluted hugely from farm waste and fertilizer run off.

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