SWEET – It’s The Opening of Boating Season

As boaters across the country prepare to kick off the 2010 boating season, the Coast Guard would like to remind boaters to have a “SWEET” time on the water.

“S” is for Safety

  • Don’t drink and boat
  • Wear a life jacket
  • Ensure your equipment is labeled with the proper contact information.

“W” is for Weather

  • Check weather forecasts
  • Dress for the water, not the weather

“E” is for Equipment

  • Carry a VHF-FM marine radio
  • Make sure your boat is in good repair
  • Get a free vessel safety exam from the Coast Guard Auxiliary

“E” is also for Environment

  • Keep a sharp lookout and monitor the weather and sea conditions
  • Keep your distance from military, passenger and commercial shipping

“T” is for Training

  • Check all safety gear and ensure that everybody is trained in its use
  • Take a boating class; educated boaters are safe boaters

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