Jobs Available for Oil Spill Cleanup

Coastal residents can seek jobs cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico directly through British Petroleum (BP PLC) or through third parties, but they will likely have to complete a rigorous training and application process to get hired.

The potential jobs come as many Gulf Coast residents are struggling financially. People employed in the seafood, boating and tourism industries face an uncertain future because of the oil spill.

To be eligible for most of the cleanup jobs, workers must complete Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response training, often called HAZWOPER training. The courses can be as long as 40 hours.

British Petroleum (BP) is hiring owners of U.S. Coast Guard-inspected boats, and the boats’ crews. The boat must pass Coast Guard inspection and crew members must participate in multiple training courses to be hired. To register a boat, call 281-366-5511.

BP Pay Rates

  • Crew member (or ship captain): $200 each for an eight-hour day
  • Boats 30 feet or smaller: $1,200 per day
  • 30-foot to 45-foot boats: $1,500 per day
  • 45-foot to 65-foot boats: $2,000 per day
  • Boats 65 feet or larger: $3,000 per day
— Source: BP PLC

Additional sources to find employment include:

  • Some Labor Finders temp agency locations along the coast have cleanup jobs available for individuals. Visit a nearby location for more information.
  • New York-based Miller Environmental Group is seeking local workers for beach cleanup and can be contacted at 631-603-3533 or
  • The state of Alabama is also collecting resumes from potential workers. For more information, go to


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17 responses to “Jobs Available for Oil Spill Cleanup

  1. mike doerr

    hi i have a 25 ft. contender w/twinn 150 out boards under 300 hrs. looking for work

    mike 407-913-0130

  2. charles kublin

    looking for work. 14ft ash craft 35hp 6inch draft

  3. Look I’m tired of finger pointing. All I want is a job cleaning up this mess!!!!!!! I really need a job.

  4. Brian

    Looking for a job cleaning up call 5043040951 i am ready to help clean our beaches and marsh lands

  5. terry b buholm

    Have 1600 ton captain lincense 28 years in alaska king crab fishing looking for work

  6. Captain Brad London

    1ooton capt. With 13 years experience seeking employment cleaning up oil in the Gulf.
    Phone 561-346-9541

  7. Robert Bodoh

    Hi, spent 4 yrs in Navy been a hard worker all my life, have children to feed. Not afraid of getting dirty
    thank you Robert Bodoh.

  8. Gary Campbell

    I would like to find work cleaning up the gulf oil spill please respond .

  9. Kenny Addison

    I am willing to travel to work. To help clean up oil spill, need work family to feed… contact A.S.A.P

  10. John Clark

    im looking to work the oil spill..have travel trailer and needing job…i have a strong back and willing to work all day long ….256-684-6458



  12. Peter Guarrasi

    Hello , I want to help out with the cleanup.
    I can run a boat for you down there, I have a master’s license 2000 gt. uninspected 200 inspected also 1600 gt mate. I have 23 years experience on tuna vessels and have cleaned up (small oil spills) before.

  13. Detroit Griffin

    Needing to work! Available ASAP! Please contact me via email.

  14. roger edwards

    I have 20 ft carolina skiff 30 ft travel trailer very eager to aid in clean up.Some one please point me in direction I need for employment 727 510-4631

  15. roger edwards

    20 ft carolina skiff 727 510-4631

  16. Ricky Melancon

    Looking for work on land or sea i have a strong back can opearte a boat are do what it takes to get the job done. Did Environmental work before please respond

  17. david hall

    16ft 40horse flat bottom alumin boat and trailer less than 1ft draft with deckhand looking for work in alabama mississippi or florida

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