Unqualified Boaters Raise Concerns

Quebec’s Lifesaving Society is concerned about the number of people driving motorboats illegally, as the annual boating season gets underway.

Since September 15, 2009, the Canadian pleasure craft operator card has been mandatory for all Canadian boaters, but Quebecers have been slow in obtaining the permit, said the society’s executive director, Reynald Hawkins.

In order to obtain the card, boaters must take a 36-question test. A three- to four-hour course is recommended in order to prepare.

The goal of the card is to make sure that boaters have basic knowledge about water safety that could help save their lives, said Maryse Durette of Transport Canada.

“We want to prevent and help decrease the more than 100 deaths on our waterways every year in Canada,” said Durette.

Those caught driving a boat without the card face a $250 fine.

If you have been procrastinating and putting off getting your Canadian pleasure craft operator card, go to http://boatingbasicsonline.com/, start the course, then select Canada from the “Choose a State” drop down box. Canada is listed at the end of the list of states.


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