And It Comes With A Matching Car

This incredible 122 foot state-of-the-art super-yacht comes with its own supercar which can be stored on board. If you have the extra $25,000,000 laying around, it could be yours, but you need to hurry. The company is only making six of them and five are already on order in the first week of marketing efforts.

The luxury yacht has a plush Art Deco interior, four large, double state rooms, a reception area, salon, 52 inch LED TVs and state-of-the art sound systems in every room.

No need to take your time getting from one place to another as this ship can reach top speeds of 43 knots, with its twin MTU 16V000 engines. If that isn’t quick enough you can add the optional Rolls Royce KaMeWa boosters offering a staggering 14,000 horse power with the ability to achieve 55 knots.

But not to be outdone, the supercar, which is powered by a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine, has a top speed of 233 MPH.

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