EzyBoat – The Folding Boat With Retracting Wheels

EzyBoat in trailer position

Adaptacar in North Devon England has started to stock the EzyBoat, a versatile 4.4m metre fibreglass boat that instantly transforms from a trailer into a fully functioning boat. For the first time boaters have the opportunity to overcome the separate boat trailers or storage problems.

The EzyBoat represents a novel but solid solution to the difficulties normally faced by people using trailer boats. Instead of having a full-sized boat on a separate boat trailer, the EzyBoat folds in half to form its own closed trailer. The wheels can be lifted into the hull when it is launched using a simple lever. Being light and small when folded up it is easy to tow and convenient to store. Upon arrival at the waterfront it can be unfolded by one adult into a spacious 14.4ft fibreglass boat within minutes.

As a result, the EzyBoat lets its owner enjoy more time on the water with less preparation. What’s more, the addition of a sailing kit turns the EzyBoat into a well performing, but still easy to use sailing dinghy.

EzyBoat Underway

Adaptacar’s Managing Director Stuart Courtney added “The EzyBoat really is like no other boat we have seen before. A folding boat of this size, combined with such ease of launching, transport and storage is unheard of. We have already had a tremendous public response following a recent BBC feature of this boat. Now that we have the first boat on display we are looking forward to demonstrating it to interested customers across Devon and beyond”.

About EzyBoat

The EzyBoat is a British invention, further developed and tested in Australia and the United States before returning to Britain for its production launch. It is now being built near Poole in Dorset, United Kingdom. It is built using high-quality woven fibreglass cloth for longevity and an optimal strength to weight ratio. The built-in trailer is entirely made of stainless and hot galvanised steel components to avoid any kind of rusting. Despite the extensive engineering that has gone into this folding boat, it is being marketed at a very competitive price to bring new entrants into the boating world. http://www.ezyboat.com/

Watch this amazing video of the way EzyBoat works.


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