Do You Want E-15 in Your Tank?

From the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA)

In the upcoming weeks, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will make an important decision on whether to allow ethanol to comprise up to 15% (E15) of gasoline sold in the United States from the current level of 10% (E10). The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), who represents manufacturers of boats, engines, trailers, accessories and gear used by boaters and anglers throughout North America, and its allies have long encouraged EPA to thoroughly and comprehensively test recreational marine engines, fuel systems and components to demonstrate that higher ethanol blends will not defeat marine engine air emissions devices or pose safety risks before approving E15. The first marine tests are underway now and will not be completed before EPA makes its decision.

As many boaters and anglers already know, there are serious and well-documented safety, environmental, and technology concerns associated with ethanol blends over 10 percent in boat fuel tanks and engines. For marine and other small gasoline-powered engines that are designed to run on not more than E10, higher concentrations of ethanol in fuel pose serious problems, including performance issues; increased water absorption and phase separation (when water separates from the gasoline while in the tank); fuel tank corrosion and oil/fuel leaks; increased emissions of smog-forming pollutants; and damage to valves, push rods, rubber fuel lines and gaskets. Even with E10, many boaters are seeking out ethanol-free gas at marinas, but at a premium of $.75 to $1.50 more per gallon.

As we wait for EPA’s decision, NMMA and our partner organizations in the “Say NO to Untested E15” are encouraging concerned boaters to visit to write an email to President Obama requesting that he urge the EPA to thoroughly and comprehensively test all gasoline-powered engines, including marine engines, before allowing E15 into the marketplace. NMMA Legislative Director Mat Dunn is available for interviews to help spread the word about how concerned boaters can encourage the Administration to “follow the science.” If you are interested in speaking with Mat by phone or want to learn more about this issue, please contact me at or 202-737-9774.

Thank you,

Christine Pomorski

National Marine Manufacturers Association

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