All About Fish, Fishing And Hunting

Approximately one-third of all boating fatalities occured while the victim was fishing. Likewise, more hunters die each year from drowning and the effects of hypothermia than from gunshot wounds.

Many of the fatalities would have been prevented if the victim had been wearing a PFD.

A number of hunters and fishermen drown each year simply because they do not act as responsible boaters. They overload the boat, stand up, don’t wear PFDs or fail to take other precautions required when boating. A person who stands in a boat does not have the same balance as someone sitting down. A person who fires a gun while standing could easily lose balance and fall overboard.

DON’T operate around boaters who are hunting. Generally hunters don’t want to be around other boaters any more than other boaters want to be around those hunting from boats. As a rule, if you see someone in a boat who appears to be hunting, just keep clear.

When operating around boaters who are fishing, take extra care to control your wake. People often stand up in their boat to cast or reel in a fish. Your wake could tip the boat and cause someone to fall overboard. Remember that you are responsible for your wake.

If you are the boater who is fishing, remember never to anchor in narrow channels or shipping lanes and do not tie up to aids to navigation. If in an area where you can anchor, do so from the bow.

DNA Confirms Asian Carp Crossed the Line

Scientists from The Nature Conservancy and the University of Notre Dame say their DNA tests have been peer reviewed and confirm that Asian carp fish have broken through Illinois’ electric barriers and may already have moved into Lake Michigan. The testing procedure had been questioned in legal proceedings. Meanwhile, studies and court cases have been initiated to determine whether locks connecting Chicago waterways with Lake Michigan should be closed permanently to protect native species. (Detroit Free Press)

Spears Sharpen for Winnebago Sturgeon

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources is predicting another very good year for Lake Winnebago sturgeon spearing. Wisconsin anglers are sharpening spears and getting their ice-shacks ready for the five-day season opening Feb. 12. The sturgeon harvest count has gone up dramatically in recent years. (WBAY)

Louisiana Hosts Best Bass Anglers

The best bass anglers in the world compete Feb. 18-20 in the 2011 Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans. B.A.S.S., which conducts the world championship, is partnering with the National Wildlife Federation and the Louisiana Wildlife Federation to call attention to the need to protect and restore Louisiana’s coastal wetlands. (ESPN)


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