New Boating Innovation to Simplify Manual Boat Launching

The slip-and-fall injuries that frequently accompany the manual launch of a small-to-medium boat into a shallow, murky access ramp can now become preventable with The L.A.W. System. The L.A.W. System is a high-strength, easy-to-use trailer application which allows a boat owner to launch their boat while remaining dry, out of the water.

It doesn’t get much better than a hot summer day spent out on the water, except the inconvenience of wading through dirty water atop submerged, slippery concrete – risking injury – to launch a boat at a manual-access ramp. The L.A.W. System allows the boat-owner to launch the boat above the water, circumventing any hassle that might accompany customary manual launches.

The L.A.W. System (Launch And Walk) is universally attachable to any small-to-medium boat trailer (any boat that might require a manual launch). A mostly aluminum mechanism capable of supporting up to 300 pounds safely, it is attached near the hitch and acts as a platform to conveniently and easily stand along the trailer, above the water, to manually launch the boat. Comprised majorly of an aluminum top and platform, The L.A.W. System is bolted to the trailer and adjusted through a spring-loaded pin.

The L.A.W. System was featured at this yeas Detroit Boat Show at Detroit’s Cobo Hall in February. It was presented by AMJ Companies, a private equity firm based in Metro Detroit. Mass production of The L.A.W. System is expected for the coming months, in anticipation of the upcoming boating season.

More information on The L.A.W. System can be found on the product web site,

The AMJ Companies is a small private equity firm based out of Harrison Twp, Mich. Having been around for over five years, AMJ Companies is involved in the acquisition of other small firms and various innovations. AMJ Companies specializes in the inception of an idea and sees it through to fruition and taking it to the mass market.


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