Can Your Smart Phone Make You a Better Boater? Part 2


In our continuing series on smart phone apps, we bring you 3 more. As a reminder these are simply tools and should not be relied on to replace traditional navigation or communication equipment.

“Boating Suite” – Perfect for long-distance cruisers, liveaboards, and boaters who like to know how much fuel is in the tanks — to the very gallon — this is a logging app that turns your iPhone into a digital filing cabinet with built-in spreadsheets. Logs included are trip, fuel, maintenance, expenses, shopping, and to-do; reports can be organized by date and/or information included. Price: $4.99;


“Clinometer” – This app will be of interest to sailors, when they want to know the exact angle at which their boat is heeling. Just go to the App Store and download Clinometer onto an iPhone or iPod Touch, and the screen turns into a clineometer that’s accurate to one degree. Price: $0.99; 


“EarthNC” – Here’s a relatively old way to turn your smartphone into a mini-chartplotter; it’s been around since the ancient days of 2007. EarthNC is a good basic, all-around marine application that includes marine charts, weather data, and real-time GPS tracking. Charts are a seamless version of NOAA’s raster-based chartography, and the app includes the complete NOAA library. The EarthNC database also includes marina, bridge, anchorage, and service listings, which are from the Marinalife, Cruisersnet, and Waterway Guide databases. The app can be used with most i-gizmos, and lately EarthNC introduced a version for the Android. Price: $24.99;


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