Can Your Smart Phone Make You a Better Boater? Part 3

In our continuing series on smart phone apps, we bring you 3 more. As a reminder these are simply tools and should not be relied on to replace traditional navigation or communication equipment.

 “Everything Sailing” – One of the few helpful boating apps for Blackberries, this is essentially a reference “book” that covers topics ranging from rigging to racing to right-of-way. It’s a KISS app — there’s no animation or audio, and there aren’t even any illustrations. Download it into your phone, and you can check it out even when you’re out of cell range. Price: $0.99;



  “Flick Fishing” – We don’t usually consider games to be very helpful for real-world boaters but Flick Fishing is so much fun you and your kids will spend hours playing. It  has so many realistic variables in it, we think anglers might actually learn something while playing it on their iPhone. Target species, location, weather, light levels, lures choices, and other real-world fishing factors all have an effect on how successful your fishing “trip” is. Price: $0.99;



  “Friendmapper” – This one will come in handy for yacht club cruises, caravans, poker runs, and fishing friends that make trips en masse. This nifty little app lets you and up to 23 of your buddies track each other (as long as you have an activated iPhone, of course). Everyone in the crew appears on each other’s maps, with each position updated every 15 seconds. You can hide your position if you like (to keep that hot spot all to yourself, or to spare yourself the embarrassment of a grounding, for example), and can one-touch dial any of the friends appearing on your iPhone’s map. Price: $0.99;


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