Coast Guard Tows Disabled Vessel After E-mail Request

Perhaps it is just another sign of the times but last week the Coast Guard towed a 71-foot fishing boat with three people aboard after their vessel became disabled 100 miles off the coast of Cape May, N.J.

Coast Guard watchstanders at Station Cape May received a call at 12:55 p.m. from The Lobster House Fish House in Cape May reporting they received an e-mail from the crew of the Nordic Viking stating they had become disabled due to engine problems.  They requested Coast Guard assistance due to the deteriorating weather and heavy fog.

The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous, a 210-foot Medium Endurance Cutter homeported in Cape May, arrived on scene and towed the Nordic Viking and its crew for roughly 16 hours before safely transferring them to a Sea Tow vessel in the vicinity of Cape May Harbor at approximately 9 a.m.

“Commercial fishing is a dangerous job,” said Chief Petty Officer Jeffrey Graham, a Boatswain’s Mate aboard the Vigorous. “We are grateful that we were in the right the place at the right time to render assistance.”

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One response to “Coast Guard Tows Disabled Vessel After E-mail Request

  1. Webshaark

    16 Hours of towing all funded from the tax payers. Glad they made it home safe but who will be liable for the enormous expense of this operation for a vessel that probably is due for much service work and a better ships engineer on board?

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