Coast Guard Stresses Importance of America’s Waterway Watch in Florida Keys

Americas Waterway Watch

The US Coast Guard is asking US citizens to be even more diligent in observing and reporting unusual activity around our coastal regions.

In light of the events in Pakistan last Sunday and the elimination of Osama Bin Laden, who has been on the most wanted list for years, there is a heightened sense that some sort of retaliation may be in the works.

One of the many potential ways for radicals to enter the US unnoticed is to come in by sea. Although the Coast Guard does a terrific job of patrolling, they simply can not be everywhere at all times. With our many, many miles of beautiful coast line and many, many miles of virtually unsecured borders, we can be at risk.

The following press release from the Coast Guard specifically targets the Florida Keys, not that the Keys are thought to be targets, but the sparsely inhabited keys would be a much easier access point than coming ashore in downtown Miami.

Of course the coastal regions are not the only areas of concern, citizens should be diligent in reporting suspicious activity inland as well. And, there is also the potential danger from “home-grown” terrorist groups who are already in our midst.

KEY WEST, Fla. – The Coast Guard in the Florida Keys reminds the boating public to maintain watchfulness and report any suspicious activity observed while operating on and around the waters of Monroe County.

America’s Waterway Watch (AWW), a combined effort of the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary, is a national program instituted in 2005 that encourages Americans who live, work or recreate on or near our waterways to become a part of the eyes and ears of our national defenders in the war on terrorism by being observant and reporting suspicious activities.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary in the Florida Keys will be actively promoting AWW in the upcoming months through speaking engagements at local marinas, schools, and clubs with the goal of encouraging our citizens to continue this vigilance year round.

To report suspicious activity, please call the National Response Center at 877-24WATCH or 911.

Anyone in the Keys who would like their organization to participate in the AWW program can call 888-470-5566.

For more information on America’s Waterway Watch visit the web site at

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