Not A Good Start to Safe Boating Week!

Last Saturday kicked off National Safe Boating Week which goes through next Labor Day Weekend. However, it was not what I would call a good start. It was unfortunate this past weekend but several boating accidents occurred across the country. Look at the facts involved in each accident and YOU decide who was prepared and who was just stupid.

On Sunday, the “Nordic Mistress”, which is being described as a 60-foot pleasure craft, reportedly began to sink about 85 miles north of Kodiak. From the above photo, it looks like it finished the job. Alaska’s KTVA reported that the five crewmembers all survived because they were able to:

  • Call for help on their VHF radio
  • Put on survival suits
  • Deploy and get into a life raft

In Tomales Bay on Sunday, reported that seven people were trying to fit in a 12-foot aluminum boat, causing it to capsize. Did we mention that there was a small craft advisory at the time (30 mph winds), and none of the people were wearing life jackets? All were rescued and returned to shore via the Sonoma County sheriff’s helicopter.

On Saturday, a boating accident on Lake Victoria resulted in two fatalities and sent four people to the hospital. According to, investigators believe that the boat was traveling at a high rate of speed before it lost control and struck several docks and trees.

NBC Miami is reporting that three boaters left Boynton Beach, Florida, and were anchored near West End in the Bahamas when their 35-foot boat sank Sunday morning. Luckily they were able to activate their personal locator beacon and put on life vests. They were found clinging to a cooler by the Coast Guard and rescued. It sounds like the PLB played a huge role in this rescue – it’s hard to imagine that they would have been spotted so quickly without it, and there is no mention that they were able to get off a mayday signal.

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One response to “Not A Good Start to Safe Boating Week!

  1. JonesAct

    The people that are careless and take no precaution end up having worse outcomes. It’s sad because some of these accidents can be prevented if people would just boat safe. Thanks for this post.

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