The USCG Deserves a Tribute

This weekend not only did I witness some USCG rescue exercises but also watched the movie “The Perfect Storm.” Although the movie may not be an entirely accurate account of what really happened, one can appreciate the dangers that the USCG deals with daily to rescue troubled boaters even when they (the boaters) make the WRONG decisions.

The men and women in the US Coast Guard do amazing work to keep us all safer, whether that’s during disasters like Katrina or in local waters nationwide. One only needs to take a look at our BoatSafe Blog, where we publish many articles that were generated by the USCG to see how much boaters rely on the Guard.  

It is fitting to pause once and awhile and acknowledge their work, and perhaps even give something back. The Coast Guard Foundation website has a calendar of events, USCG news and links that you might find interesting.

The following is a fitting Coast Guard Video Tribute that was used earlier this year at a Coast Guard Foundation gala. It is very moving stuff.

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