Aqua Star USA Launches Sleek High Tech Underwater Dive Scooters

Aqua Star USA Launches Sleek New High Tech Underwater Sea Scooter for TwoThe affordable (if you happen to have a few thousand dollars lieing around) AS-1 and AS-2 Scooters are the latest high-tech, underwater scooters to hit the marine leisure market. They are currently being marketed to boaters, diving enthusiasts, turnkey leisure operators, and dive operators.
Aqua Star’s sea scooters (Models AS1 and AS2) were created to provide the scuba diving experience to virtually anyone – without any of the rigors required by the typical diving experience. No certification, no cumbersome attached gear, and no experience required. Sitting in your own breathing environment and traveling at speeds of up to 4 mph,the rider can experience new and exciting underwater vistas.
With a basic operating depth of up to 40 feet, riders have access to shallow reefs without requiring a weight belt or a back strapped tank. Both models have 2.5 hours of pure battery operation.
The controls operate like your typical motorbike: just turn the handlebars for direction and push the batons for speed and depth.
Unlike other manufacturers, Aqua Star’s scooters have two electric motors: one for forward movement and another for vertical movement. These provide for precise control and maneuverability and safety.
The diving style helmet is integrated into the scooter body and with all the heavy and cumbersome breathing apparatus mounted onboard the bike, the rider(s) are free to dismount, swim around and climb back aboard. 
The scooters are built with a distortion free diver style face plate. Giving a better underwater experience. Both scooters can operate tethered or untethered to a main vessel. Pressure and depth gauges are provided on the control bar.
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2 responses to “Aqua Star USA Launches Sleek High Tech Underwater Dive Scooters

  1. Do they float? If not, how does the rider dismount from underwater, to swim around and get back on board without scuba gear?

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