Update on Yesterdays Post “Don’t Mess With Our GPS”

LightSquared Update – Leaked FAA Doc – 7/28/11  – According to PC Mag.

PC Magazine has not verified a report on the impact of LightSquared’s plan that comes from the Federal Aviation Administration’s Navigation Services division. However, The New York Post says the report was released quietly and cites Bloomberg who received a copy.

Government Exec reports ” GPS manufacturers and end users leaked [the report] to the media” and states an FAA rep confirmed its authenticity but would not respond to questions because the agency had not released the report.

PC Mag does state that the Save Our GPS Coalition [the site was either too busy or down when I tried to verify] has been circulating the document (hosted by BNP Media, the parent of POB in pdf) and that the Coalition is confident it’s from the FAA. PC Mag (and others) are however sharing the details of the report dated July 12: Per PC Mag:

[The report] essentially attributes 794 deaths and over $72 billion in additional costs to U.S. taxpayers if the LightSquared LTE system is implemented.

LightSquared dismissed the report saying it was based on outdated information.

Clearly, this whole thing is being tried in the media. So expect more of the same.


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