StayAlive Marine Survival System

The Bee Gee’s were singing the need for Stayin’ Alive back in 1977.  Since then the theme has made its way into the marine market. 

The following product has been out for a short while but this is my first exposure to it. I must say that I have not tested the gear and do not endorse it “yet.” It looks very intriguing and since it is USCG approved it would be legal to be carried as a required PFD and apparently visual distress signals as well.  Although the video below sorta turns into an “infomercial” at the end. I still think the idea is a great one. Ingenuity is still alive.

The StayAlive Life Jacket is an advanced Marine Survival System approved by the US and Canadian Coast Guard. For many years, boaters’ have used life jackets to simply keep themselves afloat. StayAlive is the next generation in marine survival, using a panel system, to carry eleven water survival tools.

StayAlive contains almost all the required safety gear mandated by law in one safe, accessible unit. Add your fire extinguisher, type 4 throwable (if required)  and you have all your safety gear for the US and Canada.

CNN headline news recently called it; “A life jacket James Bond would be proud to wear.”

For a more detailed look, click on the following link to view the promotional video. Stay Alive Marine Survival System
or visit the informational website.


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