Boat in ‘drunken’ Crash Removed from Rocks

The headline above seems to imply that it was the boat that was “drunken” and at fault. Fortunately or unfortunately that was not the case. The boat’s driver, a 23 year old male, was treated for minor injuries after the 2:40 a.m. crash. His three passengers, all men in their early 20s, were not hurt.

We keep going over this and over this and apparently the word is still not getting out. All readers that follow this blog  please help spread the road. This is no way to control population growth.

Don’t Drink and Boat!

“Boat on the Rocks” is not a fancy drink.

Notice that he either didn’t see the large lighted marker at the end of the breakwater, or chose to go on the wrong side. Perhaps a little brush up on aides to navigation would be in order.

Two local companies combined last Saturday to remove the 26-foot boat left stranded atop the breakwater after the driver, who was later charged with boating while intoxicated, ran the boat completely up out of the water.


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