Where Should I Look For Suspicious Activity?

In our continuing short series leading up to the 10th anniversary 911 we want to add to the importance of recreational boaters getting involved by using their required lookout skills. You are required by the Rules of the Road to maintain a proper lookout at all times. However, the posted lookout can look for more than other boats, in-the-water obstructions and navigational aides. They can also do their part in assisting with America’s Waterway Watch.

Have the lookout also watch for vessels and individuals in locations…

  • Under and around bridges, tunnels, or overpasses.
  • Near commercial areas or services like ports, fuel docks, cruise ships, marinas.
  • Near industrial facilities like power plants and oil, chemical, or water intake facilities.
  • Near military bases and vessels, other government facilities, or security zones.

You might ask what else you can do. Well, when you arrive at your destination or back from your trip be sure and keep your boat secure so it doesn’t fall into the hands of those that pose harm.

  • Secure and lock your boat when not on board.
  • Take the keys.
  • Disable the engine on stored or trailered boats, and make sure the boat is not easily moved.
  • Do not approach or challenge anyone acting in a suspicious manner.

Again, to report suspicious activity call the National Response Center at 1-877-24WATCH.  For immediate danger to life or property, call 911.


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