Beware of What Lurks Below

With the recent storms, especially on the East Coast, you can add one more danger to your list of things to look out for. Looking out on the Delaware River I have recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of submerged objects lurking on or just below the surface.

The picture above shows the USCG retrieving and cutting up huge debris found in the Elizabeth River.

The fact is that small boats moving at high speeds can be sunk easily by striking a submerged object, whether it’s a tree, parts of buildings, fences, landscape timbers or other debris washed down in recent storms.

What’s the best precaution? Slow down after significant rain events and post extra lookouts – the more eyes the better. Any boat is susceptible to these dangers as running gear and outdrives can be damaged and lead to water coming into the boat.

Remember, it is supposed to be passengers on the inside and water on the outside.


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