North Carolina Boaters Beware

WILMINGTON, N.C. — The Coast Guard is scheduling to temporarily remove the aids to navigation located at the New Topsail Inlet in Topsail, N.C. and Lockwoods Folly Inlet between Holden Beach and Oak Island, N.C.

This action is being taken in the interest of public safety due to severe shoaling in these locations.

Depths of less than three feet currently exist in many areas of the New Topsail and Lockwoods Folly Inlets, which are much shallower than the charted depths for these waters. So as to not advertise a safe channel when one does not exist, the Coast Guard is removing the aids and installing a danger buoy to warn mariners of the potentially unsafe depths.

The aids will be removed as soon as weather and operations permit. The buoys will be returned to the inlets once dredging is completed or conditions otherwise improve to support safe transit.

The Coast Guard has issued a broadcast notice to mariners urging them to transit with extreme caution or use alternate channels.

For more information call the Sector North Carolina Command Center at 910-343-3882.


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