Jamaican Me Crazy!

When your boat runs aground and your passengers are just family and friends, it can sometimes be embarrassing. But when you are the captain of a boat owned by the Jamaican Prime Minister, and he is on the boat with his friends and family on the weekend of his son’s wedding, you could be facing more than a little red in the face. Somebody is probably going to get fired. Hopefully Prime Minister Bruce Golding will have some compassion for whoever was piloting his yacht when it ran aground on Saturday off the south coast of Jamaica.

The above is  the official story but how on earth did a Captain who, one would assume, was familiar with the waters around Jamaica run aground.

The chart above is “NOT FOR NAVIGATION” but is the closest thing I could find on short notice. However, even on this chart, notice the small dark blue areas in the main body of water near the black X? Those represent exposed areas of land. Again, being a representative, sample chart and not a navigational chart, one can’t really tell if they are continually exposed or if they are at times covered by water.

It is possible that the Captain was somehow distracted temporarily and wasn’t actually at the helm or someone else could have been at the helm. However, it is the Captain’s duty to ensure the safety of all onboard.


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