Millions of Canadians Still Operating Their Boats Illegally

Now into their second full season, Canadian boaters required to carry a pleasure craft operating card (PCOC) with them while on the water are not all complying with the mandate. It is estimated that up to 3 million boaters have still not complied with the law.

The PCOC, or boating licence, is required for anyone operating a boat with a motor, regardless of the size of the boat, horsepower of the engine, or age of the operator.

Boaters should be aware that operating without the PCOC are taking  the risk of getting hit with the $250 fine from police on the lookout for offenders.

Boaters are being stopped and police are checking for the pleasure craft card and checking that boaters have all the required safety equipment.

The PCOC was introduced in September of 2009, and once a boater has obtained one, it never expires.

The course can be completed online after going through a tutorial that teaches boat safety. To obtain your PCOC go to BoatingBasicsOnline.

The PCOC system was introduced so that all boaters would have a minimum level of competence about the operation of boats, and according to the Ministry of Transportation, boating accidents are down 30 per cent since the programs introduction.


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