Avoid That Sinking Feeling – Drain Plug Reminder

Ever run across a product that is so simple that you wonder why you didn’t think of it? Here is one that falls into that category.

Safe Launch is a drain plug reminder system that protects your family, friends and boat from sinking. With Safe Launch’s hook and strap components, you can easily insert a reminder directly into the drain hole so you remember to replace your drain plug before you launch. Safe Launch fits All Boats, Jet Boats &  PWCs.

Forgetting to replace the drain plug is one of the most common causes for boat and personal water craft sinking’s in the United States. According to Boat U.S. Marine Insurance, the cost of repairing a boat that has been underwater, even briefly, is usually about 40% of its value. Safe Launch is the only drain plug reminder product on the market that places the reminder where you need it most–in the drain hole. Protect your family and your investment.

The product costs around $20.00. If you can’t find one in your local marine store you can buy it online by clicking here


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