A New Online Boat Club Concept?

I ran across this website by accident and find the concept intriguing. Boat Clubs and Boat Sharing has been around for years but this apparently puts everything online and is accessible through your mobile devices. I am in no way endorsing the site or it’s content but thought it might be of interest to our readers.

There are more than 70 million Americans enjoying boating and approximately 13 million registered recreational vessels in the United States, however on average a boat is only used a total of 14 days per year.

In these challenging times, we are all looking for a way to maximize our investments and fractional boating or sharing is a great way to do that with a watercraft. Many boaters however, have been hesitant to get into a sharing relationship because of the inherent challenges including:

  • Do I need a contract?
  • How do I ensure everyone gets equal time?
  • What about service and boat maintenance?
  • How can I easily mange billing and expenses?
  • and probably most important – how do I find the right people?

Enter Nautical Monkey!

Our service allows you to easily navigate through each stage of the process…

  • Use Nautical Networking to find the perfect boating partner or group.
  • Online Calendaring provides an easy way to schedule usage and ensures equal use for all members.
  • Our Resource Library provides sample legal agreements which can be modified for your particular situation.
  • maintainance Log keeps a list of historical and required maintenance and allows members to make service requests.
  • Forum for Local Events and activities
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Reporting on boat usage and costs.

Nautical Monkey allows you to create a fractional boating or sharing relationship tailored specifically to your situation and needs.


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