Trivia Thursday

As we head into winter it is always a good idea to continue to brush up on our boating skills.

Question: Is the boat below coming in from sea or going out to sea and how can you tell?

Use the comment box below for your answer.


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6 responses to “Trivia Thursday

  1. Tom Doherty

    Going out to sea. Red Right Return

    • captboatsafe

      Tom D. was the first to respond and correctly answer the Trivia Thursday question. He wins a Nautical Know How T-shirt.

      Capt Matt

  2. Justin

    It is heading out to sea

  3. bill eickelberg

    coming from-red right returning

    • captboatsafe

      The boat is heading out to sea. Green marker that was just passed is on the starboard side and red marker it is approaching will be left on the port side.

  4. Eamonn Gannon

    Going out… Right Red Returning

    I had to think about this, because I sail in Ireland, where there is “Red Port Left in the Can” on the way into harbour.

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