PlanetSolar Has Reached Singapore

In October 2010 we wrote about the Catamaran that was going to circle the globe on solar power alone. Well, a few weeks ago it showed up in Singapore.

Planet Solar in Hong Kong

PlanetSolar or Turanor (meaning power of the sun) is the strangely shaped beautiful monster-catamaran which is circumnavigating the world using solar power only, and it has now reached Singapore after journeying across the Atlantic and the Pacific, then visiting both the Philippines and Hong Kong.

On its round-the-globe expedition, the giant craft is pioneering the use of sustainable energy technology on water. It is different from anything that has happened in the field of mobility to date. This solar catamaran uses the very latest cutting-edge technology available, and the intention of the project is to demonstrate that high-performance solar mobility can be realized today by making innovative use of existing materials and technology.

The visit to the Philippines was particularly significant, as the solar cells on the craft were created in the Philippines, and they had special greetings and hospitality from the solar cell company, ‘Sunpower’.

The vast catamaran is, however, not immune to the vagaries of the weather, and the crossing from the Philippines across the South China Sea was a difficult one, weather-wise.

According to the crew the arrival in Hong Kong was an incredible experience, and they were visited by hundreds of children to draw their vision of a solar world.

Now, it’s Singapore, a year after their departure. It’s time for some scheduled maintenance giving the crew some holiday time, before they continue their journey into their second year.

To learn more or to find out how you can support the expedition, click here.


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