The Clock is Ticking! Get Your Christmas Gifts Here

It’s that time of year to start thinking about presents for those boaters in your life. For today, we are offering the —

Nautical Know How Coastal Navigation Course

Order by Tuesday, December 20, 2011 to assure delivery by Christmas. Order will be shipped priority mail.

The Nautical Know How Coastal Navigation Course

Perfect for inland and near-shore boaters. This Navigation Course is a combination of a printed text/workbook for home study, sample and real-time chart work, online animated demonstrations and testing, chapter answers with step-by-step explanations and email instructor assistance.

For details and ordering click here.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Introduction to Navigation
  • Understanding Latitude & Longitude
  • Reading the Nautical Chart
  • Finding Latitude, Longitude & Distance
  • Finding Direction
  • Distance, Speed & Time Calculations
  • Getting to Know Your Magnetic Compass
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Two & Three Bearing Fixes
  • Running Fixes
  • Finding Set & Drift
  • Estimated Position
  • Finding Course to Steer
  • Finding Relative Bearings
  • Tide and Current Calculations
  • Publications: Coast Pilot, Light List, Local Notice to Mariners
  • Publication Excerpts
  • Putting It All Together
  • Final Exam

A recent email regarding this course said “I’ve tried to learn this stuff for years. Thanks to your course, I finally get it. Thanks!” Linda

For details and ordering click here.

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