Boating Safety Equipment Innovation by Boat Bog – Stops Leaks Fast!

A 2 inch hole in a boat can take in as much as 1.8 gallons of water per second. For any boating enthusiast, professional or recreational, it is the first few seconds that determine if the incident will result in a minor inconvenience that is corrected quickly or a disaster that results in a boat sinking and people drowning. 

Globally, thousands of people are forced into the water or drown as a result of leaks and holes that lead to the sinking of a boat. Regrettably, many of these tragic events are preventable with rapid emergency bung or gap filling solutions. Until now, many of the commercially available solutions for plugging leaks and gaps in boats, canoes, yachts and other water craft were complicated, time consuming, messy or just not very effective. A new Australian product, created following years of testing and research, solves this problem. Boat Bog, a new emergency boat repair solution, is 100% travel safe with no harmful ingredients, is environmentally friendly and won’t cause irritation to your skin or eyes. It is not affected by the elements and can be safely stored on-board until needed.

Boat Bog is an emergency repair product designed to instantly stop water inundation through leaking, cracked or breached hulls and is a recommended addition to your standard safety equipment. Boat Bog can be applied by hand immediately out of the packaging to temporarily stop or slow the inward flow of water until safely back on shore. It can later be easily removed without further damaging or cutting your hull for professional repairs to be made.

In a simple product demonstration, one of the Boat Bog team takes to a small aluminium fishing boat (also called a “tinnie” in Australia) with an angle grinder, leaving a sizeable 4 inch long hole in the bottom of the craft. They then place the boat into a swimming pool, where it immediately starts to take on water at a rapid rate. In no time at all, they have a packet of Boat Bog open and pushed into the hole which immediately stops the flow of water in what was sure to result in the boat sinking. This now leaves the boater free to use more traditional measures such as baling and bilge pumps and get back to shore or safety where more permanent repairs can be made.

Unlike other products, Boat Bog requires no preparation or time to set – “something we consider handy when your pride and joy is taking on water” says Brett Mudie, Director at Boat Bog. Simply break a strip from the packet and push it into the leaking area (even underwater) to immediately patch the leak with no curing time required. The dense compound will flex with hull movement and is designed to withstand a reasonable hydrostatic pressure while you return to shore or wait for rescue. Boat Bog works in various temperatures, in both salt and fresh water and is suitable for all types of vessel, including boats, yachts, kayaks and canoes. It is designed specifically to work on all non-inflatable materials from polyester to fibreglass, epoxy fibreglass, plastic, aluminium and wood.

Boat Bog is proudly Australian owned and manufactured. Many years of research and fine-tuning has produced this patented formula. Boat Bog comes in both a 3.5 ounch and 7 ounce block, retailing for just $24.95. Product and purchase information can be found at

“We believe that Boat Bog should be on deck of every boat in the world” commented Michael Skalij, co-director at Boat Bog. “It stops leaks fast and saves valuable equipment but most importantly lives” he added further. If you’ve ever thought twice about what lurks below, or hope you’ll never need that life jacket, then make sure you have Boat Bog emergency repair on hand… Don’t wait until it’s too late! Boat Bog – “Is it worth not having”

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