Test Your Boating Knowledge Answers

Last week we ran a four day “Test Your Boating Knowledge” contest. Binnacle, was the winner. Here are the questions with the correct answers highlighted.

Q: A 20-meter power-driven vessel pushing ahead or towing alongside will display ___________

      1. two masthead lights in a vertical line

      2. a towing light above the stern light

      3. two towing lights in a vertical line

      4. two all-round red lights at the masthead

Q: What was the name of the boat on which Darwin traveled?

      1. Endeavor

      2. Resolution

      3. Beagle

      4. Agamemnon

Q: Which animal is a sign of bad luck on a ship?

      1. Rabbit

      2. Rat

      3. Cat

      4. Monkey

 Q: The term “Mayday” comes from what language?

    1. Greek

    2. French

    3. Italian

    4. Spanish

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