Got That Sinkin’ Feelin’

What is up with boaters in Greece. First it was the cruise ship that according to the news “ran into some rocks.” After viewing videos and photographs from many angles, I would say they ran into the land not just hit some rocks. And now a 200 foot yacht is sinking.

The 200ft superyacht is said to have suffered mechanical failure in heavy weather. Eight people were on board the boat the superyacht at the time, but all were winched to safety by the Greek airforce.

The Greek coastguard reported that the rescue operation began at 7.30am Greek time and lasted roughly an hour.

All those on board were taken to Skyros Health Centre for a precautionary check-up.

Reports on the Greek coastguard website said mechanical failure was to blame for the sinking, which happened in a north-westerly Force 8.

This shocking video link shows the 200ft superyacht Yogi sinking in heavy weather off the Greek island of Skyros.

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