Save on Boating Fuel Costs

Boats at fuel dockWith fuel prices soaring in many parts of the country, fuel prices continue to be a concern for boaters, making fuel conservation an economical issue as much as an environmental one. (I heard on the news this morning that parts of Florida have gas at over $6.00 per gallon.)  As you start to gear up for the upcoming boating season, learn how to save money at the marina pump while still enjoying your boat this summer.

1. Keep your boat engine tuned. A boat that is running properly will usually use less fuel than a boat that does not. Even a small problem can cause your engine to work harder and less efficiently.

2. Don’t tow excess water. Emptying water out of pontoons and keeping your bilge and head dry for a single day of fun on the water makes your boat lighter. The lighter the boat, the less fuel needed to propel it through the water.

3. Turn off the engine. Whether you’re waiting for a water-skiier to regroup, fishing, or just chatting with other boaters, turn off the engine instead of idling in the water. Idling wastes fuel and may emit carbon monoxide fumes.

Every boater can practice these conservation tips without spending an extra penny or making any changes to their existing vessel.

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