New Drunken Boating Law Advancing

The state of Indiana is getting closer to passing a law that will affect boaters in the Great Lakes state…

Source: Daily Boater

Adult male being arrested by USCG officers for boating under the influenceA new law in Indiana is getting closer to becoming a reality after a landslide vote in the state’s house this month. If the law comes to fruition, the penalties for operating a boat while intoxicated would be more severe than they currently are in the state. In fact, the laws would mirror those for driving a car drunk in Indiana.

This could become a trend across the country, as such regulations have begun to appear in other states. While the vast majority of boaters are very responsible, the past-times of boating and drinking have long been associated with one another. Boaters should be aware that today’s law enforcement on the water is beginning to crack down on boating under the influence. Penalties are increasing in more and more places.

For folks from other parts of the country and the world, you may not realize that Indiana is a pretty big state for boating. Not only does the state border Lake Michigan, but it contains over 1,000 lakes; unfortunately, the title “Land of 1,000 Lakes” belongs to Minnesota. The Ohio River runs along a stretch of another part of Indiana’s border, and several other rivers run through it.


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    This article originally appeared on the Daily Boater.

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