Coast Guard Responds To Capsized Boat in Biscayne Bay, FL

I have been teaching boating and boating safety since 1980 and I still can’t get over the fact that there are still many boaters that don’t have any training and apparently no common sense. Below is a story I ran across that proves it.

7th Coast Guard District NewsMIAMI — Coast Guard Station Miami Beach, Fla., Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and Tow boat U.S. rescued 10 persons in the water from their capsized vessel 250 yards off of the Sea Isle Marina, Miami last Saturday.

Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Miami received a report of 10 persons in the water clinging to a capsized 14-foot pleasure craft, approximately 250 yards off of Sea Isle Marina, at 7:58 p.m.  last Saturday.

A Coast Guard Station Miami Beach, Fla., 45-foot Response Boat-Medium (RBM) boatcrew launched to search the nearby area along with, FWC and Tow Boat U.S. crews.

The Coast Guard RBM crew located the capsized vessel at 8:10 p.m. The RBM crew recovered four adults and three children and Tow Boat U.S. recovered one adult and two children from the water. All 10 persons in the water were safely transported to awaiting EMS crews on shore. Only minor medical concerns were reported.

Commercial salvage surfaced the vessel and towed it to safely to the marina.

The Coast Guard reminds boaters to always file a float plan with a friend or family member, have a VHF-FM radio and electronic indicating radio beacon on board, remain vigilant and observe safety and security zones while on the water. An electronic float plan can be filed at the following website:

Ten people in a 14 feet boat? Give me a break.
Did they just ignore the Capacity Plate?

Boat builders must comply with Federal law by putting a Capacity Plate in sight of the helm (steering area) on motorized monohull boats less than 20 feet in length.

This plate displays three important items:

  • the maximum weight of persons on board in pounds,
  • the maximum carrying weight of the boat in pounds and
  • the maximum horsepower recommended for the boat.

Capacity plate showing maximum horsepower and pounds

U.S. Coast Guard accident statistics show that capsizing and falls overboard due to improperly loaded or overloaded boats are the most reported types of fatal accidents and account for over half of all boating fatalities.

Special care and attention is especially needed when loading small boats under 16 feet in length.

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