New FREE App From SeaTow

Now you can get your weather app, your tide app, and your GPS app all in one place! Not to mention being able to connect to Sea Tow’s 24-Hour Dispatch Center for help. Unlike most boating apps out there, each feature itself has much more information and gives you much more detail. Yet it’s simple to use and free!

Check out your exact location on the map… then email it to a friend. Use the “Follow Me” Function to automatically find the tide for where you are and even get a high tide countdown. Try out the Night Mode feature that helps keep your vision sharp in the dark.  Plan your trip with detailed tide and weather info 7 days in advance, and in up to 7 different locations. The new Sea Tow App has everything you want and everything you need.

On-Water Services

Know The Tides

Get tide forecasts, moon phases, & next tide countdown in both analogue and graph format. In up to eight locations. And up to seven days in advance. Activate the “Follow Me” feature in your tides settings pane to continuously find the nearest tide station.

Commercial Services

Check the forecast

Detailed weather report available including wind/gust speed & direction. Plus water temp, wave height, visibility, barometric pressure trend and sunrise/sunset times. With forecasts of up to seven days. In up to seven different locations. And weather alerts in your area.

Spill and Environmental Clean-up

Get your bearings

Direction and location are no longer an issue. With the compass and speedometer, get your heading, lat/long, speed over ground and course over ground. Pinpoint your precise location on a map, take a photo, then share it with a friend. Designed for inland and near coastal use, it also works offshore with many GPS-enabled phones.

Catastrophe Response

Help is on the way.

Have peace of mind knowing you can contact Sea Tow through this App in addition to your VHF Radio. No matter what screen you’re on, you can contact Sea Tow’s 24 Hour Dispatch Center. Captains are standing by, ready to help. We know your exact location, even when you don’t.

Catastrophe Response

Keep your night vision sharp.

The Sea Tow App is the first of its kind to provide different graphic displays for night and day so it won’t disrupt your night vision. Adjust your Sea Tow App from Day to Night mode in just one swipe.

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  1. cleaston

    Nice. Application. Because. I Work. On The.water

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