Yet Another App – Man Overboard

Man Overboard is an App that could save a life.
Disclaimer: I have not reviewed this app since I don’t own an “I” device.

Simple to use, Man Overboard shows you the way back to the MOB – and the position to give to the emergency services. That alone could be life saving. If you are in any type of boat – yacht, motorboat, dinghy, anything that floats, your safety and that of your crew and guests is paramount. Don’t just download this App yourself – make sure that they do to. It may be you that goes overboard!

Just press the MOB button to see:

  • Direction to follow
  • Distance to go
  • Time elapsed
  • Position of the MOB – latitude and longitude
  • When you are closer than 100 metres the display changes from red to green
  • When you are closer than 10 metres the display changes to show MOB

Press the Info button to see:

  • Your current position
  • The MOB position
  • The bearing to the MOB

A man overboard situation is fairly rare but it happens more often than you think. A simple trip on some deck clutter; a knock from the boom; leaning back on a lifeline that snaps; reaching over to retrieve a fender– there are a hundred ways for someone aboard to unexpectedly find themselves in the water.

To order from Itunes click here.

Be safe at sea. Stay safe on the water.

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