Marina Or Anchorage? Where Can I Get WiFi?

Internet access afloat is becoming increasingly important with boat owners wanting access to news, weather, email and business systems on board. The WL510 allows users to connect to WiFi hot spots with a range of up to four – six miles depending on conditions.

It uses a powerful modem and amplifier unit together with a 1m high quality external WiFi antenna and connects to the boat’s PC or laptop computer via an ethernet connection. The unit incorporates its own DHCP server, so can be connected to a router to allow multiple devices such as iPads, iPhones, Macs or PCs to connect to the WL510 system.

Any connected user can control which WiFi access point or hot spot is in use through a simple web interface. The new interface also allows network security settings and the unit’s output power to be adjusted to optimise performance.

The WL510 is priced at $749.00 and is available now. Existing users of WL500’s can upgrade to the WL510 by simply changing their below deck unit. For further information about this option visit

Disclaimer. I have not used or tested this product. The source of the product description and claims are contributed by the SailMiami boat show.

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