Join America’s Waterway Watch

Year round, you have the opportunity to contribute to improving our nation’s security by doing what comes naturally, paying attention to what’s happening on the water, and reporting anything suspicious to the US Coast Guard.  America’s Waterway Watch, a program sponsored by the US Coast Guard, brings the neighborhood-watch concept to the waters where we work and play. This allows boaters to be a part of the solution to security concerns because we usually know what does and does not look right on the water.

If you are a tow boat operator, a recreational boater, a fisherman, a marina operator, or otherwise live, work or engage in recreational activities around America’s waterways, the United States Coast Guard wants your help in keeping these areas safe and secure. You can do this by participating in its America’s Waterway Watch (AWW) program, a nationwide initiative similar to the well known and successful Neighborhood Watch program that asks community members to report suspicious activities to local law enforcement agencies.

You should always remember that people are not suspicious, behavior is. And if you observe suspicious behavior or activity, you should simply note the details and contact local law enforcement. You are not expected to approach or challenge anyone acting in a suspicious manner.

The Coast Guard sponsors a 24 hour hotline, 1-877-24-WATCH (1-877-249-2824) that boaters can call should they see something unusual. Add this number to your cell phone. Additional information can be found at

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